Lark & Robin

The firm of Lark & Robin provides translation and editing services in the areas of the arts, the humanities and the social sciences.

Our clients are scholars and students, museums and universities, historians, poets, musicians and filmmakers. We strive to combine meticulous research and precise language with a fluent, readable style.

Tilman Skowroneck is a native German speaker. Robin Blanton is a native English speaker and an authorized translator (av Kammarkollegiet auktoriserad translator) from Swedish into English. We are longtime residents of Sweden.

Together, we translate from Swedish, German, English and Dutch into English and German. Robin additionally offers certified translations from Swedish into English.

We also provide language revision of English and German texts.

We live and work in the village of Olsfors, in a landscape of woods and lakes between the cities of Gothenburg and Borås.