How may we help you?

You are most welcome to request a quote for any job by e-mailing us. Write to tilman[at] or robin[at] (or use the link under the “Connect” button at the top of this page). Feel free to write in English, Swedish, German or Dutch. We’ll get back to you by the next business day.

To offer you a price and delivery date, we’ll need to see the text you would like us to work with, or a substantial sample. We are happy to accept most common electronic file types (.doc, .pdf, .ppt, .rtf, etc.) or printed matter.


We translate from Swedish, English, German and Dutch into German and English.

For translations, we usually suggest a flat price for the complete project. If you are inquiring about an article- or book-length translation, we would be happy to give you a sample of one or two pages along with our quote.

You can read more about the kind of translation we do and our special areas of expertise here. We do welcome inquiries on all topics, as we are trained researchers and enjoy exploring new fields. If we’re not sure we can do justice to your subject, we’ll try to refer you to a translator who can.

Language revision

We offer language revision for writing in English and German. In addition to correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation, we adjust things such as word order, sentence structure, idiom and terminology. Our goal is to improve the clarity, fluency and readability of your text.

For language revision, we usually suggest an hourly rate of pay, which may vary depending upon the complexity of the text.