E-mail us to request a price and delivery date for translation or language revision. Please include your text or a sample of it. A Word file or a PDF is fine. You may also send us your text as a hard copy.

Find our e-mail addresses and other contact information on our Contact page.


Because source texts vary in difficulty, we do not have a standard per-word rate. We will review your text and propose a fixed fee for the translation, along with a date for delivery.

For book-length projects, we will also prepare a short free sample for you to review. A sample helps us learn more about your text, and it helps you learn more about us as potential translators of your work.

Certified translations: please refer to the information here.

Language revision

For language revision, we charge by the hour. E-mail us to inquire about our hourly rates and to get a time estimate for your text.

We offer language revision in both English and German. We will correct errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar, and we will also offer suggestions to improve the readability of your text.

Because many authors use specialized software to generate citations, our normal service does not include formatting or proofreading footnotes, endnotes, or bibliographies. If you would like us to work on your references, let us know and we will include it in your estimate.